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Sedufas supports you in complex matters with simple, practical en proven techniques. We strive for quick and effective solutions. You can contact us now, free of obligations.
We are a small and flexible company working with experienced professionals only. We're experts in the fields of innovation, subsidies, intellectual properties, project management and business development. Our back ground is in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, building and construction and chemistry. We support sustainable, promising and growing technologies. We're involved in for instance green tech, radiation curing, Electron Beam processing, coating, printing.
We are working in close ccoperation with our partners Wallvision and Electron Beam Solutions. We operate on a global scale. 




Electron  Beam  Solutions


In a joint effort we turn your ideas into value.


1. Contact us free of obligations or tel. +31 640208002

2. Together we will look more closely into your ambitions

3. In case we think we can help, we will send you an offer including our services, phasing, timing, budget

4. We start to work for you, your satisfaction is the basis of our mutual success


Our mission

Sedufas offers practical, simple and effective solutions. Sedufas helps you in taking the right decisions; based on facts.

We want to support you in creating the best possible team with the highest success rate. We want to listen, understand, help you understand, offer a new perspective, offer a sounding board and generate options.

We want to guide you to the best available solutions.

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